Our fudge is made with NO HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP!! We don't use additivies or preservatives!!

We use only NATURAL INGREDIENTS which produces an old fashion and natural tasting fudge!

Our flavors
Blueberry      Cookies & Cream      Chocolate almond      Maple walnut      Mint chocolate      Sea salt carmel      Chocolate coconut      Peppermint chocolate      Dark chocolate      Buttersctoch      Birthday cake      Sweet cranberry      White chocolate      Peanut butter      Pecan turtle      Chocolate & peanut butter      Strawberry cheesecake

$4 per quarter pound
Buy a pound, get a 1/4 lb. for free! ($16 for 1 1/4 lb)
FREE shipping with any $30 order

To place an order: 
Call 412 780 5878 or 412 780 3550
Email us at AllSugaredUpcandies@gmail.com
Fax 412 415 1315
Turtle Fudge
milk chocolate fudge topped with creamy carmel and fresh pecans

Chocolate Coconut
soft coconut blended with milk chocolate fudge

Creamy Peanut Butter
So creamy with a rich peanut butter taste

Maple Walnut
The maple taste combines well with the fresh walnuts. The walnuts are on top and blended throughout the fudge

M & M Chocolate
Old fashion creamy chocolate fudge that has M & M candies on too and blended in the fudge